One Complex Life – Is it just India ?

This post is the beginning and going to be the first in a series of articles which tries to bring awareness and attention to every citizen of India showing how we are being ripped and violated by bureaucracy, government/private entities, political parties and of course religion and science.

There is good and bad every where, in everything that we sense and in every person. It’s when individuals with selfish and ulterior motive manipulate, we see things not progressing and going backward. Science and even human logic is manipulated and some times misused just to propagate ideologies that destroys humanity.

Awareness, realization and acceptance is the first step to correct the wrong ways. Without admitting and accepting the mistakes, how can we progress? When the care givers and so-called protectors themselves are setting the bad examples, how can the younger generation look for nothing but instant gratification.

Yes its going to be controversial, but unless TRUTH is known and mistakes are understood and corrected there is never going to be progress.

There are no clean hands, there are enough laws in the country to ensure that we all violate one law or the other, intentionally or unintentionally so that bribes can be taken, you can be blackmailed, jailed or at the least made to pay penalty. Why can’t laws be simplified?

There is no perfect ideology, no perfect party and no perfect world, but I feel it all arises from our scarcity mentality, from lack of trust and consideration. The mechanism and system to ensure compliance to laws makes life so complicated that creativity, inventions and constructive thinking are spent in saving that little buck to survive on one side and to commit fraud on the other.

Why don’t we ask questions ? When are we going to be humane by going above the “follow instructions”

Do we need such a complicated life ? It was just survival in the beginning, then came those little comforts, then more money and more comforts. And then luxury and thinking on how to increase it, all forgetting the past.

Science and technology brought in many of the comforts that we have today. It was supposed to give more creative time, to discover, experiment and question mediocrity. To discover, invent and share the benefits to humanity. But what happened was that politicians and organizations taking advantage and credit of it as if the accomplishments was all due to them. Many times we see money being collected, as taxes, as donations small and big, by government, parties and religious organizations. Inaugurations and celebrations happen, on making a bridge, running a train, when roads are made with our money that was looted, stating a noble clause. Who takes credit, it’s the brokers. Brokers who take commission without, at times any investment of hard earned money.

Section V of our Constitution, Article 51A on ‘Fundamental Duties’ begins by saying:

“It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform”

Why are we not taking it seriously ? Where is the spirit of inquiry and reform ? When is the reform going to happen which reduces the complexity created by the above mentioned lot ?

Yes, there is a teenage rebel still in me, that questioned injustice, that fought and some times ran away.


Government doesn’t want competition
Unknown Author – referenced by CC Parameshwar


The opinions and ideas expressed are purely mine and not of my employer. I take responsibility for anything mentioned in my posts, my views and opinions may change over time. As they say, change is the only thing that is constant and uncertainty is the only thing that is certain and what not.

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Does the ATM/Debit Card Expire ?

Yesterday I got a new Visa ATM card for my Federal Bank Account. The expiry date is in 2017. The previous card was valid only for 3 years and the new one has a validity period of 10 years. I was told the old one will work without any problems. I tested and it indeed worked. I guess the bank auto renewed the old one and associated it with my account. Since the new one has a different card number, there’s no conflict of PINs.. However I just changed the new one’s PIN to the old one. So if you have a Federal bank account and thought that the card expired on expiry date, don’t worry, you an continue to use it.

Paypal lets you accept money through Indian Banks

Not news anymore and I have not yet received any payments through paypal yet ,but I have a donation link at

I decided to go through the paypal process to accept money through my ICICI bank account in Calicut. After going through the profile option and Add bank of paypal website, it was asking for IFSC code.  A quick search revealed no result, but I accidentally stumbled upon where he has listed the the RBI link at

Finished through the process and got this threat

“Please make sure that the information you provided is complete and correct. Otherwise, the amount will be returned to your PayPal account (deducting any bank charges) and a return fee of 250.00 INR will be charged.”


It can take 5-7 business days to complete this transfer, depending on your bank’s holiday schedule and payment policies.”

Still not bad, for receiving money from the following banks SBI,Bank Of India, Canara Bank (No net banking in most places), Union bank, HDFC, ICICI, Axis, Standard Chartered, HSBC and ING Vysya.

Mishaps happen in bulk

For the past many days there were problems both in the Mill and theatre. In the mill, the already old expellers, yes both of them stopped working. Both of them are aged work horses. Luckily the one that was not being used could be repaired to the extend of getting the job done.   

In the theatre too, something went wrong. The two QSC ISA 750 conked. Apparently, smoke came through the front vents. The interesting part is that just around an hour back both of them were working fine. These amplifiers powered the centre,left,right and sub woofer channels of the DTS system. The surround sound amplifier, processor and DTS player has no problems. All of the devices were powered through the servo. The voltage levels seemed to be fine and it was powered through the generator. God knows why ssuch things happen. I opened the amps and found that two capacitors were damaged, huge 16000uF caps, funny part was both the amps had the same cap blown. One of the amps did not even power on but the other has no problems with the power. Gave the amps for repair, expected to get in another 2 days. By tomorrow it becomes a week since the amplifiers conked.

I don’t know to what mysterious reasons I can attribute the mishaps, but its a fact that I have been a bit disinterested. There was also an employee compensation issue that made me feel quite bad. I hope things would change for the better.

All Kerala BJP Hartal

Another week, another hartal. Today’s hartal was initiated by BJP, against the formation of Salem Railway division. Does the hartal make any difference. Yeah the only difference is that it can push Kerala backwards, by a day. The political parties are just using people who are already lazy. I heard on some interviews that people really welcomed the Hartal quoted by a BJP leader.

For me, today was not as productive as the previous hartal day. Spent a lot of time on the net but didn’t actually add any content. Did some research of voice cards. Found that Dialogic doesn’t belong to Intel anymore.

First Hartal after I resumed blogging

Today, 27-10-07 we are celebrating hartal. By we, I mean people of Palghat, Malapuram, Calicut, Wynad, Kannur and Kasargod. This time its initiated by Muslim League. The party that is the opposition to the state government and which is part of the coalition in the Central Government. The reason for the Hartal – protest against Airport authority and central Govt. for ignoring Calicut airport, against delayed flights and what not. The ignorance and partiality against Calicut Airport is a known fact. Calicut Airport and its passengers have been the cash cow for Air India, Indian Airlines aka Indian through Gulf Malayalees since the Airport was started. They have ensured that no other major international air line  will operate and steal its profits. Delayed flights, abused passengers both by airline authorities and customs is something that happens on a daily basis.

The question is how to act and not react to such problems. To be honest, many a time I too have felt like giving a bang when the airport authorities gave stupid reasons for delayed flights. But doing so wouldn’t solve the problem. This hartal is just going to put the malabar area of Kerala one more day behind. ( Oh! on a side note, I enjoy it 🙂 I can sit and write peacefully about this without any disturbance. I enjoy this silence..)

I was just thinking of a way to react and just thought about Gandhiji. May be the passengers and everybody interested should decide a month of boycotting Calicut Airport let there be a total loss for the airport and airlines for a month. Ideally it should be July August time where the maximum milking takes place, that’s the time when the Mallu’s in Gulf return after vacation. I know there would be lots of inconvenience, but that should be borne by those interested. May be those in the gulf should not take the vacation to Kerala. I think that kind of action by the masses would be more effective than these dump hartals which are clearly politically motivated. For this to happen, there has to be a long term plan, a great leader to initiate the action plan. Anybody’s willing to volunteer ?

Please do post in your opinion using the comment form below..

Another Hartal

I think, I’ll have to select another title, with all these hartals.  Yesterday (24/3/07) I celebrated the Hartal which was applicable only to Calicut District. Initiated by BJP, for going and getting beatings from the Police. The protest was against getting loans from ADB. Why don’t people find more creative and productive ways to protest ? After everything is over, the party claims that it was a success. Its a success for the growing laziness of the people who are in Kerala.

I was happy as I could complete a hardware cum software poject for my friend.