One Complex Life – Is it just India ?

This post is the beginning and going to be the first in a series of articles which tries to bring awareness and attention to every citizen of India showing how we are being ripped and violated by bureaucracy, government/private entities, political parties and of course religion and science.

There is good and bad every where, in everything that we sense and in every person. It’s when individuals with selfish and ulterior motive manipulate, we see things not progressing and going backward. Science and even human logic is manipulated and some times misused just to propagate ideologies that destroys humanity.

Awareness, realization and acceptance is the first step to correct the wrong ways. Without admitting and accepting the mistakes, how can we progress? When the care givers and so-called protectors themselves are setting the bad examples, how can the younger generation look for nothing but instant gratification.

Yes its going to be controversial, but unless TRUTH is known and mistakes are understood and corrected there is never going to be progress.

There are no clean hands, there are enough laws in the country to ensure that we all violate one law or the other, intentionally or unintentionally so that bribes can be taken, you can be blackmailed, jailed or at the least made to pay penalty. Why can’t laws be simplified?

There is no perfect ideology, no perfect party and no perfect world, but I feel it all arises from our scarcity mentality, from lack of trust and consideration. The mechanism and system to ensure compliance to laws makes life so complicated that creativity, inventions and constructive thinking are spent in saving that little buck to survive on one side and to commit fraud on the other.

Why don’t we ask questions ? When are we going to be humane by going above the “follow instructions”

Do we need such a complicated life ? It was just survival in the beginning, then came those little comforts, then more money and more comforts. And then luxury and thinking on how to increase it, all forgetting the past.

Science and technology brought in many of the comforts that we have today. It was supposed to give more creative time, to discover, experiment and question mediocrity. To discover, invent and share the benefits to humanity. But what happened was that politicians and organizations taking advantage and credit of it as if the accomplishments was all due to them. Many times we see money being collected, as taxes, as donations small and big, by government, parties and religious organizations. Inaugurations and celebrations happen, on making a bridge, running a train, when roads are made with our money that was looted, stating a noble clause. Who takes credit, it’s the brokers. Brokers who take commission without, at times any investment of hard earned money.

Section V of our Constitution, Article 51A on ‘Fundamental Duties’ begins by saying:

“It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform”

Why are we not taking it seriously ? Where is the spirit of inquiry and reform ? When is the reform going to happen which reduces the complexity created by the above mentioned lot ?

Yes, there is a teenage rebel still in me, that questioned injustice, that fought and some times ran away.


Government doesn’t want competition
Unknown Author – referenced by CC Parameshwar


The opinions and ideas expressed are purely mine and not of my employer. I take responsibility for anything mentioned in my posts, my views and opinions may change over time. As they say, change is the only thing that is constant and uncertainty is the only thing that is certain and what not.

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