GPRS Activation and Deactivation procedure for BSNL Postpaid connections

Being one of the early adopters of GPRS in Kerala, I thought I knew what’s going on with BSNL GPRS. Time and again I was proved that my knowledge is limited. I wanted to change my GPRS Plan to Plan 199 and had thought that required a letter. I had suggested to BSNL employees and customer care how easy it would be if that was possible through SMS. In fact it was possible for Prepaid customers and I was told Postpaid users are less and the feature is likely not to be implemented. For me to give the letter to customer care I have to travel around 80 kms in total and wait for the activation. Now with my friend in BSNL office I was confident I could get it done fast. To my surprise I was told it can be done by sending an SMS.

So the procedure is as follows.

To deactivate BSNL GPRS on postpaid connection

Send an SMS to 53733 (3733 was the suggested number but with the new numbering an from the reply SMS no that I got it should be 53733) with the following message.


For activating Plan49 send GPRS49 and for Plan 199 send GPRS199 to 53733. You’ll get a reply SMS asking for confirmation to which you got to reply with GPRS49Y and GPRS199Y respectively. The activation seems to take more time than deactivation and it could take upto 24hours.

The important thing about the service was that it was notified by BSNL officially and it will probably work for only customers in the south zone.

A search with google lead to this doc Why can’t they summarize the information and present it decently ? Looks like I got to do it, with all major mobile service providers, their data plans, APN names, activation and deactivation procedures etc would make good blog post.

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  1. Hi,

    I have cell one connection in Bangalore with GPRS enabled. I called customer service to request to deactivate GPRS. They asked me to write an application and submit at their office.

    So I dont think, in Bangalore, they are deactivating GPRS through SMS. So pathetic process for something that could be done so easily through SMS.

    Hope this helsp to folks in Bangalore, seeking deactivation for GPRS.


  2. hi i want to know ,how to activate nd deactivate gprs on prepaid connection of bsnl ,i hav nokia n72 nd also tell abt d charges

  3. Hi!!!!
    i m using bsnl 199 gprs+100 postpaid plan since 15 days
    when i take dis office employs told me its unlimited plan for dwnloding n surfing but today when i check this its showing 673 RS so is dere and downloading charge?

  4. hi how to activate GPRS. i contacted cumstomer care more than 10 times. they give the number 53733. i am unhappy with customer care. today one of the customer care behaved rudely. he did’t listen my problem. can anyone help me. to whom do i have to complain about misbehave. please help me.

  5. hi sunish issac ,
    i am very happy to contact you like a person ,cause the content you publish here is very helpful for so many people. i subscribe bsnl gprs plan 199 post paid two times . first time i used around 4 mounts and require customer care for both activation and deactivation .and in second time i activated this service on last may 31 , 2008 till now ,but this time i activating by message, that i got when i send a wrong format(used by pre paid customers)to bsnl that is GPRSE to a number (dont remember now)suddenly i got replay from server , u r post paid customer so send GPRS199instead .that means server sense wrong format and advised the correct , all people in bsnl that i contact not now this idea , they are not updated , now it self they dont know anything and advice customer to go office directly and fill form for both acti. and deact. your blog is helpful for me cause i forgot the code for deactivation that i see web so much days earlier , the after search in web lift me here in ur blog spot .very happy and my sincere appreciation for u .plz respond to me in a form of replay plzz
    with love arun

  6. I have purchased a BSNL post paid SIM recently. The SIM works fine in my nokia phone in GPRS mode. The SIM however has been configured by saving settings that BSNL sent. Now, the SIM card works fine o my phone but the SIM is to be configured for a tracking device. The APN is “” but i am stuck. Nothing seems to work the moment the SIM is on the tracking unit. Please throw some light on this issue.

  7. hey how to activate the GPRS option III

    option I GPRS49 5 MB free and beyond the limit 0.01 for a KB
    option II GPRS199 Unlimited surfing for download charges applicable
    option III no monthly rent based on the usage Rs.0.02 for a KB

    how to activate the Option III through SMS

    any idea and suggestion are appreciated.

    1. 3G plans on normal bsnl postpaid accounts is enabled by default, just use the APN bsnlnet. However the usage will be limited based on the plan that you use.

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