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Yesterday I happened to go to Calicut BSNL office. I had an issue with my mobile connection where call forwarding didn’t work. I tried changing the mobile and trying various options, but no luck. Called customer care and they asked to do the usual stuff, turn off the mobile, remove SIM, blah blah. Its really difficult to convey the message that you are technically competent and don’t want to try stupidities ordered by them.

The best part of yesterdays’ trip was that I had a friend, who solved my problem. He made a call and they admitted there was a problem with my no. and after 2 minutes, said it was solved and it just worked. While I was sitting at my friend’s office, I found somebody sitting behind me trying to get GPRS working. Being one of the first customers of BSNL’s GPRS I knew the solution, except for the fact the laptop to be configured was in Vista.

So here’s the important information that you need to know for configuring GPRS on laptop,desktop for BSNL post paid connection.

  1. Install and ensure the modem driver for your mobile is installed.
    (Once everything is done, you’ll find an additional COM port in ports of device manage and a mobile under modems)
  2. Create a dial up connection entry,
    Username : Mobilenumber (don’t put a 0 before the number)
    Password : Mobilenumber (don’t put a 0 before the number)
    Dialup Number: *99#
    UPDATE: No username or password required
    In the properties of the new connection entry, ensure that the modem selected is the newly created modem.
  3. (If you try to connect with these two steps, the connection will progress till authentication. After that you’ll get a PPP link error. The next step is important to prevent that)
  4. Go to device manager select modems, and right click for options of the mobile modem. Click on Advanced and add this to the extra initialization settings.
    UPDATE: replace the above with AT+CGDCONT=,”IP”,””
    UPDATE:2013 replace the above with AT+CGDCONT=,”IP”,”bsnlnet”
    Click OK
  5. That’s it, now connect using the new connection and you should be able to browse the net and do whatever.

Side Note : BSNL officially has not acknowledged that it supports EDGE, but it supports EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE)) on select towers, mainly in big towns and cities. The speed is dependent on the network traffic and can have high speed, when the network is not busy. The problem is there’s no way in most mobiles to differentiate between normal GPRS (speed less than 44kbps) and EDGE (can be as high as 236Kbps).
Go in for the unlimited plan if

1) Your area has EDGE.
2) You are using Internet from a laptop or desktop.

Feel free to ask and comment on your success or failure with the above steps.

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  1. am using nokia3230 and unlimited gprs plan to browse thru laptop. it shows the connection speed is 115.2kbps. it s toooooo slow. pls help me to speed up the connection

  2. GPRS connection is inherently a slow connection. In the HSCSD mode, (that’s typically the one that’s available here)the maximum transfer rate that you can get is around 44 Kbps only. The speed is also dependent on the network congestion. The 115.2kbps that you see is not the throughput that you will get. Its just speed of serial connection between your PC and the internal modem of the phone. You might get higher speeds if your provider and your phone supports EDGE.

  3. when i try to connect to internet using gprs through my pc ,
    it shows an ” error 734: The PPP link was terminated” . please tell what to do ?

  4. 1)Go to device manager
    2) Locate the modem used to connect internet through GPRS
    3) Click properties and then Advanced tab
    Add the following line to Extra initialization commands

    AT +cgdcont=1,”IP”,”GPRSSOUTH.CELLONE.IN”

    Click OK and set the dialup number as *99***1#

    Try connecting, it should be okay

  5. Hi,

    I wanted to configure my BSNL postpad GPRS. I am based at Goa (India) and am unable to do anything and needs help to configure that.

    Regards …


  6. I am using SAMSUNG E250 and unlimited gprs plan to browse thru laptop. It is EDGE enabled hendset but it shows the connection speed is 115.2kbps. it s too slow. I am live in kolkata pls help me to speed up the connection.

  7. There’s nothing that can be done to increase the speed, unless the BSNL tower supports higher speed. The 115.2Kbps speed is the modem to computer connect speed, that’s not the actual throughput.

  8. hi,
    i have chinees cell, i alredy setup all dezz things wat u mentioned above. i m able to get wap and browsing thru my cell.on cell evrything is runnig n wrking proprly.

    but mainthing is dat on laptop i cant connect.i use all d things.i m from punjab so i edit dis by north in extra value as:

    but cant connect.every time wn i connect dere is same error 734 ppp is terminated.wt d hell is dat . i do again n again call to costomr care but dy dont care all dezz .

    so if u know sm tips den plz reply me


  9. I thank you sincerely for your info. However my gprs is still not working. I am in Kolkata, so I have modified the settings as :

    But after authentication I get the message error 734 : PPP connection terminated. But in my phone I see the message “subscribe to packet data first”.

    Can you please suggest a solution ?

  10. Hi,
    i have n-gage qd. And i use bsnl gprs. The gprs speed is too slow on pc. But my friend have 3110 classic and get good speed. So tell which thig help me to increse the speed. Or i shoud buy 3G mobile.
    Plz help.
    I am waiting 4 ur help

  11. hi guys… im assam circle bsnl subscriber,i have both prepaid n postpaid sims of bsnl,i am using gprs successfully on prepaid,10-12 days back i got my gprs activated on postpaid num. bt i hv nt been able to access gprs.though its working on prepaid.i use sony ericsson z550i.plz tel me d soln.the setings r nt working.

  12. I am from punjab.
    When i add the extra command

    I get hardware failure error.

    What should i do.

    GPRS is working fine on my mobile phone

  13. hi,
    i live in kolkata(w.b.), got a new n82 handheld with execl prepaid connection.

    it shows the edge (‘E’) indicator in my home area, instead of generic gprs indicator. so i guess that my network and device both support the edge technology. though i setup the gprs, mms and wap settings in my phone thru, still i doubt that the settings are not proper to get the EDGE benefit. i can suft web and send mails, mms. but i want to ask u that, is there any differences between general GPRS settings and EDGE setting..?

    if so can you please post the right settings for EDGE enabled phones (settings for web, mms etc.)

    thank you a lot, expecting your answer.

  14. Suman,
    I’m not sure of Eastern region, here in Kerala when I had last tested, there was nothing extra to be done for getting edge speeds. If BSNL has changed something recently I’m not aware of it.

  15. hi,

    thanks a lot sunish for your reply.
    anyways, i’ll search further info abt east region, if i get something new… i’ll surely post here, so that others can get benifit from it.

    thanks anyways. its a gr8 blog.

  16. hi
    i am using handset SONYERICSSON z550i. i am in palwal(faridabad) haryana.i have prepaid no of bsnl.

    i am using internet on mobile very good and want to use on computer.what to do?

  17. how long does it take to get activated for unlimited gprs plan in kolkata .. i have submitted the addon form almost 5 days ago but the service is not activated

  18. Thanks a lot friends, this entire discussion helped me a lot. I was fighting to get my BSNL GPRS configuration for a long time at home without any information and was dependent on “24365”. These guys failed to give any information about this.
    Now I just need to go to hOme and update, i suppose it should be up and running.

    Thanks again.


    S a r v e s h

  19. can u tell me how can i connect my moble via my laptop.. i m using unlimited GPRS on my handset..

    handset – imate jama

  20. Hey man!!
    nice topic, and nice findings,
    But since i am from kolkata , there is an issue here. Let me tell you the details:
    I have N72 Handset, and BSNL postpaid 199 plan. I leave in very important junction in kolkata (Bidhan Nagar). Since the connection I never got speed more than 45 Kbps. Although BSNL CC boast that they have EGDE service all over kolkata.
    Now when ever I asked for the settings this is what I get:

    Proxy :
    Access point APN : http://www.e.po
    Data Bearer : GPRS

    Only problem I am facing is that While setting up this acces
    s point in the DATA Bearer option only option that is present is “Packet Data”, “GPRS” is absent. So With remaining settings as same provided by them I am unable to configure the DATA Bearer setting. I think this may be the reason why I am not able to get EGDE service( Can you spread some light on it) . Although I haven’t tried the connection with other brands EGDE enabled Handset, But soon I am going to give it a try.

    After reading your extra initialization concept. I applied it and did many permutation and combination but did not got any success( Same old PPP link error) . Only extra initialization command seem to work is +CGDCONT=,,”www.e.po”.

    Can you give me or rather us kolkatans some idea on what we can do further??


  21. hi,
    i m using BSNL Postoaid GPRS in Nagaon circle(Assam)…
    my mobile model is Motorola C350e which supports internet
    connection through cable to the PC USB Port. How can i increase my internet connection speed?


  22. Hai all of u.I am dr srenu frm andhra.I am having both prepaid n postpaid 199 bsnl gprs conections.My mobile no is nokia 7610.I am

  23. Hai all of u.I am dr srenu frm andhra.I am having both prepaid n postpaid 199 bsnl gprs conections.My mobile no is nokia 7610.I am

  24. Hi friend,
    I was earlier using K700i for internet through PC. My connection is CELLONE unlimited. I was earlier using internet through dialup connection.

    I have changed handset to edge enabled sony ericsson K790i. I am unable to brows through Dialup but can brows through PAN or LAN.

    My problem is that speed is very slow i.e. 18 to 22 KBPS and data tranfer rate 1.6 to 3.2 KBPS.

    I have complain Calcutta telephone several times and no result.
    In Howrah i am getting edge in some BTS and GPRS in all BTS.
    So, friend can you help how to improve GPRS SPEED

  25. Hi ! Everybody,

    I am using Samsung SGH E-210 with bsnl prepaid card west (UP) zone. I am using GPRS for free and it works fine. But while connecting to My HP 520 laptop it gives error 734. I have given extra initialisation command as:
    AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””. APN of my mobile is same. plz help.
    Thanx in advance.

  26. Hi,
    I am from Bangalore. Most of the BSNL towers here supports EDGE connection. Whether any request to be submitted for EDGE connection or with GPRS connection itself it is possible? My download speed not exceeds more than 2kbps. Normally it is 1.2kbps or below. How to use EDGE and improve the speed?

  27. Hi,
    So far i have learned BSNL Edge configuration is not required, your GPRS Setting is sufficient. In Edge network E will display instead of G. On Edge enabled handset Dialup will not function and show DNS Error. You can browse with LAN or PAN.

  28. Configuring BSNL GPRS on HTC P3300, WM6

    1 Settings->Connections->New…
    2. Enter BSNL (or any other name) for the connection
    3. Pick Cellular Line (GPRS), Next….
    4. Access point name is Based on your zone, you can change this
    5. Username, Passwd, domain are all blank
    6. Go back to Connections page and pick “Manage Existing connections”, select BSNL.
    7. At the bottom of the page, pick Proxy Settings and select “This network connects to the internet. The proxy check box below that should NOT be selected.

    Thats it! Happy browsing.

    My phone shows that the local tower offers EDGE, but the speed is not what an EDGE connection would normally give. Well, at least it works.

  29. hi.
    i am keratam. i have a postpaid bsnl mobile connection. i got the gprs activated 2 days ago.
    luckily, my mobile supports EDGE technology provided by bsnl here in hyderabad.
    i got a connection speed of 115kbps and download rate of 4kbps on my pc with this connection.
    the process was all automatic and so very easy to connect the pc through my mobile.

    could you please give me information about the following..

    can i use this connection same as we use the cable net? (i mean regarding the billing for browsing,
    sending and receiving emails and attachments to them, downloading music from free websites, etc)
    will there be any extra charges for the above?

    plz tell me whatever u know regarding the billing procedure.. i am in the unlimited plan now.

    thanks & regards,
    keratam chelimela,

  30. hi people. i am kery.
    recently i took the gprs connection to my postpaid mobile. everything’s going good. but the bill i got for using it for just two weeks is 1200 rupees!!! i never downloaded any stuff while using the net on mobile. but when i connected it to the pc, i downloaded a few antivirus softwares which would sum up to almost 80MB. but does that matter for the billing when it is in unlimited plan? if anybody knows information related to this or have experienced the same, please, please do post a reply to this comment. thank you in advance..

  31. i have nokia 3110 classic i have go BSNL GPRS settings and it is working properly but when i download any application which needed a connection it display’s a message “subscribe to packet data first” and it also hve yahoo go! preloaded but still the same message is displayed.tell me about a setting which suppots the applications in nokia 3110 classic.

  32. hi
    well am a J and K bsnl postpaid customer and a regular gprs user. now am in kerala. the problem which am facing is that am not able to connect to internet via my gprs connection. my bill for the month of may is already payed. even i got connected in the first half of may…..but towards the later part of the month and till date am not able to get connected.. the G is showing on the mobile…and even its get connecting but NO DATA transfer is taking place…
    if am connecting via mobile….its saying that NO RESPONSE.TRY AGAIN.



  33. Hello everybody, Iam from calicut, kerala. Those who are going to take bsnl gprs on postpaid please check my experience below…..
    I activated GPRS Plan 199 on my number on 22/02/08 (by sending sms GPRS 199 to 53733) around 7.30 PM. After a few minutes I got a confirmation message saying that GPRS has been activated on my number. Then I started using it. I disconnected GPRS on 28/02/08 (by sending sms GPRSD to 53733) around 12.15PM. That time also I got a message saying GPRS has been disconnected, within a few minutes. I became happy that BSNL has improved for activating and deactivating within a few minutes.But it was a wrong assumption.
    I was surprised when I got the Bill for February. On the bill, it was saying that I have activated GPRS on 23/02/08 and disconnected it on 27/02/08.So I was charged for that two days (22/02/08 and 28/02/08)according to PLAN 49(1 paise per KB).
    Then I noticed on my mobile that even if I sent the activation message on 22Nd, the confirmation message was dated 23RD(which I got on 22nd itself). Also I gave the disconnection message on 28th, but their billing system gave a reply(disconnected message) dated 27th(which I got on 28th itself) and interpreted that I used GPRS on 28th after giving disconnection message on 27th.
    I complained to the JTO and SDE at Calicut and after a long debate, they gave me discount for 22ND Feb and I was compelled to pay for 28th Feb according to PLAN49(1paise per KB) as I could not prove that I have given the disconnection sms on 28th and not on 27th. They are not giving the time of activation and deactivation messages sent to 53733 on the detailed bill. If it was given, I would not have to pay for 28Th Feb.
    You may now understand why BSNL is not giving Unlimited GPRS on Prepaid (private companies are giving it) as BSNL can’t cheat them like we unlucky Postpaid customers.
    What a foolishness is that for a disconnection message sent on 28th marking it as on 27th and charging for usage on 28th?

    So there is an advice to others ,please check the date of confirmation messages sent to you by the system. Also try activating and deactivating by giving written request to the customer service office of your city. Don’t use GPRS after giving the disconnection message or request. Otherwise you will become a beggar from a millionaire by using BSNL GPRS!!!!

  34. Thanks a ton for your guidelines. I have been running around for so many days to connect to PC, but nothin would work. Stumbled across your blog and Voila its working fine now. Thanx for your assistance.

  35. thanks sunish, ur suggestion worked with me. am a J&K BSNL post paid subscriber using nokia 6300. tried various ways nd means but was unable to fix this issue of connectivity through data cable. a really useful aid.

  36. sir i am purchase htc p3300 mobile and then i have a bsnl prepaid card .still no gprs setting is not availability from bsnl
    i have configure manually then edge is connected ,but page is no display. so pls give me bsnl south setting/india for my htc p3300 mobile

  37. Iam using nokia3230 and unlimited gprs plan to browse thru desktop. it shows the connection speed is 115.2kbps. it s toooooo slow. plz. help me to speed up the connection and also the gprs setting for Assam Telecom Circle.

  38. Hellow guy,

    pls i want to confirm if this configuration / settings could work in Nigeria .

    I want to use glo gprs settings

    ip address / 3130.


  39. i am using bsnl gprs thru my laptop using Connectivity cable it is working ok, but i am not able to configure both phone (Nokia 6670) and Laptop via Bluetooth,both devices are bluetooth enabled, can you please help me how to configure laptop so that i can use it wireless for internet.

  40. I am from Jaipur havin Nokia N72 with BSNL 199 plan.
    This topic was very helpgul for me to connect. But The settings mentioned here was not worked fully. When we used
    it still giving errors, Hardware Failure.t I tried to find the command details and so the one with which I was successfully connected is

    This work like charm. Even I dont need to put username / password while dialing and *91# number are also worked for dialing.

    After all this post is really good.

  41. Sir, when i try to connect my mobile NKTEL C6000 with my pc for inter net it shows ppplink failure,But in mobile GPRS is working nicely Please help me

  42. Hi,
    i n a bsnl postpaid user using nokia 5610.i started using unlimited plan 1.5 months ago speed was brillinat both in laptop and mobile.but in past few days i cant even access basic websites from laptop.i have checked and double cheched the settings.checked 4 viruses.did a system restore,tested in other friends’ laptops too but in every laptop speed is too slow.pls help me out.coustmer care ppl says to get the settings another time.i did so but no diff.

  43. I’m using nokia 7610 in nigeria.i have glo gprs configuration on my phone, but each time i try to shows connection but could not browse can somebody help me out

  44. sir.. i am using samsung E250 set.. bsnl prepaid connection.. unable to get gprs handset configurations… cud u plz sort it out

  45. I have recently taken bsnl sim for using gprs.
    Charges 199+100.
    I’m not using it for calling purpose & it got activated on 19-10-2008 but recently i have got a massage to pay my bill of Rs 408 upto 4-11-2008.
    what kind of bill it is
    from J & K’

  46. I have prepaid BSNL connection. I am able to access internet on my mobile. But not able to access through IE on my laptop even Laptop gives message that internet connecetd.
    Is there any Laptop IE setting needed?

  47. Dear All,

    i am used Sony ericsson Z550i hand set with bnsl prepaid connection & bsnl gprs in punjab, i am using internet through my phone gprs but the speed is very slow 115.2 kbps, what can i do for increase the speed, please help me.

  48. hi,
    i live in jaipur (raj).and have a BSNL prepaid no with gprs/wap. i use regularly gprs /wap with my nokia 2626 but i recently got a china mobile nktel c6000.i cant run wap/ gprs/net in this handset due to settings..please send me setting to make it possible. thanks.

  49. Hi. Im from Mizoram. I have bought HTC 3740 recently, I could not get GPRS setting corectly in my new phone despite folowing tips from response no 33. Im Looking for help.

  50. I got this working with BSNL Unlimited GPRS Plan (Rs.199).
    But, there was a slight change.

    Username : ppp
    Password : ppp123

    these are the credentials that i use to connect. and the apn is the same as mentioned here.
    (coz, I’m in south India, Kerala)

    Hope this will help someone 🙂

  51. I am from punjab. I want to use BSNL GPRS connection through my mobile MOTOROLA L6.

    When i add the extra command

    I get hardware failure error.

    What should i do.

    GPRS is working fine on my mobile phone

  52. hi,
    i live in jaipur (raj).and have a BSNL prepaid no with gprs/wap. i use regularly gprs /wap with my nokia 2626 but i recently got a china mobile nktel c6000.i cant run wap/ gprs/net in this handset due to settings..please tell me detailed setting to make it possible.


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