Do we give more attention to those close by ?

Reading Influence – The Psychology of Persuassion and various other books, made me think about various influences. I just came across this phenomena while working as a cashier at my business premises. I tend to give more attention to those who are close by even if they were not the first to ask for a slip. And that inner knowledge is probably the reason why people never queue up in India. We know that we get more attention when we are at proximity with the listener. Physical proximity has more influence than loudness, I guess.

Is this thought silly, I don’t know, but most of what is written in big psychology books are all things we all know well…

Does money make you happy ?

Deep thought might definitely tell you otherwise. I’ve been browsing through the Happiness Project Blog for a long time.

I read Joel’s article about intrinsic and extrinsic happiness at I probably have a lot of intrinsic happiness in helping out to solve tech problems. With the recent cash crunch I do feel that more money doesn’t mean more happiness, but lack of money definitely brings down my spirits..

So Why Should I have a personal domain name ?

Of course for businesses you have no choice, you got to get one for the n number of reasons that you might get on a Google search. Long time back my good old friend Shankar Subrahmanian asked me What do you do with a domain name ? 

So here are the pros and cons of having a domain name in your name.


  • You feel as if you are one the web, on the net, having a web presence or identity or what ever.
  • Have a stylish email id or or whatever@whatever.whatever . Yes most domain names will let you have unlimited email ids and you can have a catch all email id so that you can get all spam.
  • You can find the web site who spammed you. On the  registration form on various websites, give the email id as websitename@yourdomainname and use the catchall option to get the registration info.  Later you can know when you get an unknown newsletter, or spam from which web site it actually originated or which web site sold your email address.
  • You don’t loose your identity till you stop renewing your domain.
  • You can register and get free samples of products from sites like where they do not accept emails from hotmail,yahoo or gmail or any free email providers.
  • Create as many accounts that you want for invite by email id sites. You can have multiple Gizmo accounts or anything that offers a service or product for free.
  • Provide great content and your site becomes a brand, a sellable commodity something like a business entity.


  • Spam
  • Spam
  • and more spam with catch all
  • Its like you lost your anonymity, anybody can contact you. You have a  forced identity. Well you asked for it …
  • You got to pay renewal fee every year 🙁
  • You got to have hosting and have to pay for it 🙁

I want to add more, but here’s a start. do comment and add more advantages or disadvantages.