Time taken to download for various Broadband Speeds

A recent business proposal required me to calculate the time taken to download huge files. Being a BSNL Dataone user, I was comparing it with various plans including the Home unlimited plan for Rs.900.

1 MB = 1024 KB = 1024 * 1024 bytes

= 1048576 bytes

= 1048576*8 = 8388608 bits

Bandwidth in K bps (Kilo Bits Per Second) Speed in Kilobytes per Second Time taken to download a 1MB(1024Kilobyte) file
under ideal conditions in seconds
256 K bps = 256 * 1024 bps = 262144 bps 256/8 = 32 KB/S 8388608/262144 = 32
384 48 21.33
512 64 16
1024 (1Mbps) 128 8
2048 (2Mbps) 256 4
4096 (4Mbps) 512 2
8192 (8Mbps) 1024 1

BSNL offers 256Kbps guaranteed speed with a maximum of 2Mbps. So you can theoretically download a 1Mb file in …well under 4 seconds. So that’s under ideal conditions. I have seen download progresses for my 256Kbps connections at the range of 200KB/s. A lot depends on the server’s bandwidth too.
So how much does a 1GB file take to download with a 1 Mbps connection ? From the above table, 8 seconds for 1MB = 8 *1024 for 1GB = 8192 seconds = 136.53 minutes = approximately 2 and a half hours..

Update as on 14-3-08
I’m getting a download speed of 312Kb/s on my home 500 plan which means the speeds are crossing the 2Mbps speeds.

So easy to get BSNL dataone passwords/usernames

BSNL with its stupid scheme of having the first 3 letters of the username followed by 123. With my delphi skills and couple of hours I could harvest around 20 working passwords from just 4 or 5 google pages. Whose was the stupid idea I don’t know, but if u haven’t changed it yet, don’t delay any more. Most have not changed it as bsnl has configured ppoe on the modem and dialout is automatic. Most people have no clue on configuring the modem via telnet or browser.

Configuring BSNL Dataone Modem for simultaneous Internet Access on USB and Ethernet ports

I was digging around the net for a solution to have shared net access on my Haweui MT841 modem (ADSL Gateway). It has 4 ethernet ports (that can be used as a switch), 1 USB and WIFI (which apparantly requires a separate PCMCIA card to get it working). My laptop doesn’t have an ethernet interface (I know its high time to upgrade) but it has an USB interface and I wanted the ADSL modem to act as a switch and also wanted ICS. Microsoft ICS(Internet Connection Sharing) will not work as the ethernet interface of the PC is used to connect using bsnl broadband and the same interface is used by PPPoe (PPP over ethernet). I serached the forums of http://vinuthomas.com, and found about wireless configuration of MT841. With that info and after saving the present configuration, I deleted all the PVCs and added a new PVC0 with PPPoe, gave the username and password. The BSNL DNS ip address for DNS was given and I also enabled DHCP on the modem. After saving the settings and rebooting the modem, it automatically connected to the net and I could access the net from my laptop and desktop.

Lessons learnt.
ADSL modem configuration in a bridged as well as PPPoe configuration is not all that difficult.
The USB port is just like a USB to ethernet converter
The initial configuration that BSNL used to give was in a bridged fashion without PPPoe from the PC but later installations used PPoe from the PC.

Apparantly RASPPPoe lets you do Microsoft ICS and is more efficient than Microsoft version of PPPoe.

Another broadband connection and some new sites

Took another bsnl broadband connection. This time the modem came with a USB connection. It can act as a switch too. Too good an offer since I wanted both. There’s support for wireless too, but the pcmcia card that was supposed to be there was not in the carton.So now there’s 800 MB of download, all for free.

Yesterday went through the skype developer zone. It reminded me of the old VOIP thingie I used to do @ Telematics in Dubai. It was so exciting, but the major difference was the call quality.Found some interesting DIY projects including one for skype at http://www.grynx.com/. Lots of nice projects.

Thanks to BSNL its possible to have 2 simultaneous logins and logging in different place with same username for broadband. Life’s good. I can use my friends’ night unlimited connection and download service packs in the morning till 8am. And now the good news is that there’s the unlimited plan for Rs900. It would turn out cheaper if my brother in law in UAE takes broadband and does skype.

Work on the IE datone logger and ip mailer is going on without much progress as I get carried away, like a kid with a new toy, being broadband.

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