Just another day

Was in the office, multitasking between billing,chatting, programming, attending calls and what not.

Got a call asking whether I was interested in installing digital cinema in our theatre. Something to think of, with so much of investment.

Kept the coin phone in our mill and got couple of calls, yet to install in our theatre.

Theatre staff has asked for a salary hike.Went walking to theatre for second show closing.

Back again

I am back home again after the trip to Ernakulam, Kotttayam. Actually the day after coming was just a day of updating accounts.
Took a break to Vegaland last Friday, was exciting. I am new to the world of amusement parks. But it was fun. Was a bit late on arrival, some rides are a waste or a mere repetition. Too bad that we didn’t have a camera. The neatness was worth mentioning. I also bought the book Practical Wisdom by Mr Kochouwseph Chittilapally the founder and man behind all this. I bought the Malayalam version as it was half the price and my mom could read it too.

Hope I could resume back to my old blogging style of keeping my diary daily.

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