Enter digital cinema

There was a digital Cinema demo at Calicut Davison, by Real Image of Madras. They have brought up the qube brand. The server runs XP embedded and apparantly they have a custom version of a projector from delta. Its made to survive the temperature and humidity of Indian conditions, but require AC. The cost should range from 7.5 to 10 lakhs and that does not include the server, which is FOC and property of Real Image. The picture quality was excellent and the maintanence is mainly replacement lamps which cost about 20k and lasts for only 1500 hours. The system is a closed one where the service technician will have to come and load the movie from a pocket harddisk. A 3hr movie might take around 80GB Uncompressed.

Looks like its a wait and see. With funding from Intel, Real Image might have the resources.

The Cine Ex Trip

Went on 23rd eve from calicut on a tourist bus. I didn’t have many friends, as most of the exhibitors are not in my age group. The fields of interest was also different. I got a new friend Faizal, who was accompanied by his manager.

Reached Trivandrum, next day morning. Was quite surprised to find that the accomodation provided was at Mar Ivanious campus. I had taken Fr. Mariadas’s book to return. I called him and he was even more surprised. I had told that there’s no possibility in the remote future for me coming to TVM. I got ready and he reached as promised within half an hour.

We discussed a lot a about the coincidence, about old school life, the trip just before leaving school. There was also a talk about love marriages and its problems when the partners belong to diffrent religions. Got a new book called Like the Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections.  So far so good, nice collection of thoughtful snippets. Went around the beautiful campus. Later got dropped to the group.

The procession or whatever to the secretriat took so long, the artists were at the centre stage, we were partly side lined. Anyway got to see the artists and other important people in Malayalam Cinema. Had a chance to talk to Blessy.

Returned after the function at Tagore theatre. Food was arranged and after the program it took some time to get the bus started. On the way back a good number of people were drunk. But its no fun, being among them. Oh… I feel tired completing this.

The next day that’s Thursday, there was another vehicle strike. God know when this is going to change.

Poster sticking

Went for poster sticking yesterday. It was a first time experience. Decided to go for it since The situation was such that we couldn’t find any of our posters in town. It was fun, most people were cooperative, only one guy was angry. Many generalized it with porn posters, Varsha’s and dad’s reputation helped in some places. The rep was also friendly. Over all it took around 4 hrs and many kilometre’s drive. The final decision was to make hoardings and place it over buildings. Hope it works out.