Search All Indian Electronics and Embedded Shopping Sites

Searching to know whether a particular component, module or board is available in India can be daunting. I made a google custom search engine (CSE) with all the main online embedded/electronics sites.


The URL for the search is

The current list of sites included in the search are

Among these I have bought products from

and I was satisfied with the overall experience .

BSNL post paid GPRS,EDGE,3G raw configuration for bluetooth and serial modems


My post at seems to be one of the most popular pages in spite of the fact that the site was not updated for a long long time.

The most important parameter to be set is the APN or Access Point Name.

The settings are as follows
APN           : bsnlnet
Username : Not Required
Password  : Not Required
Dial up number : *99#

If you are using the software provided by the phone manufacturer like nokia suite and if its updated it will automatically update the settings with the correct apn which is now bsnlnet and earlier was bsnlsouth for southern states.

On windows to connect to the internet using bluetooth or usb drivers has to be installed and configured. Once the drivers are installed, going to device manager(type devmgmt.msc and click OK at  the run prompt obtained by pressing Win+R )  will show the corresponding modem installed under modems, similar to Standard Modem over Bluetooth link shown in the screen shot below.


Click on Properties of the Modem, click on advanced tab.


Enter extra initialization settings as AT + CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”bsnlnet”

Click OK.

The above steps are required only if you get a PPP link error message with error code 734.

Now create a new dial up connection, on windows 7 open Networking and Sharing centre

  1. Click On Connect to the Internet and click next.
  2. Select Dialup in How do you want to connect and click next.
  3. Enter *99# as dialup number and leave username and password as blank.

Use this connection to connect to the internet. 

Fenugreek – Magic on my cholestrol levels

I don’t know precisely when I started to have high cholesterol levels. But one fine day in 2005, I felt I was gasping after a walk and I had this intuition that I had cholesterol. Went for a blood test along with my mom who already had started taking medicine, to find that I too had it. I did all to reduce weight, which was actually under control and my BMI was right.

I tried different stuff, controlled my diet, no eggs, no red meat and observed lent. I also ensured had lot of fish with Omega 3 fatty acids. The maximum of total cholesterol levels that I could bring down was 230. In between it had gone up to 305. With a a good familial background of cardiac arrest, my father and grand fathers’ from paternal and maternal side died of heart attack. My mom and dad had high cholesterol levels, but I never took medicine. In between when I ate lot of sardine and dates , the HDL levels had gone up but its very difficult to identify what exactly make a difference, because you never just eat one type of food. I never went for medicine as I was told that once you start to take medicines you can never stop it as the cholesterol levels do shoot up after stopping.

I recently came to to know that fenugreek can bring down cholesterol levels and it was not very difficult to try. Thanks to Fr. Paul Kynickal for his advice. The prescription was to put some fenugreek 15 or so seeds in to a small glass of water at night and drink the water and fenugreek seeds in the morning with an empty stomach. I tried for one month and here’s the result. There were no massive food restrictions and no exercise and of course no other medicines.

Here’s the American Heart Association recommended values

Date Sugar Total (<200) TG HDL(60 above) LDL VLDL LDL/HDL chol/hdl(<5)
03-02-2009 84 248 174 43 170 34.8 3.96 5.77
04-03-2009 98 246 202 68 138 40 2.03 3.61

The main difference is the increase in HDL levels. I’m continuing the treatment and I’ll post the next results within a month. Now with no non-veg, the difference should be more. A bit of walking is also planned.

Side effects : I felt a craving for sweets, apparently fenugreek brings down sugar levels too!

Here are some other benefits of fenugreek, that’s not confirmed 🙂 but found on the net.

    Discalimer :I’m not  responsible for authenticity of the statements below and the consequences of excessive use or abuse of fenugreek
  • Fenugreek seed is widely used as a galactagogue (milk producing agent) for lactating women, I don’t know the consequence for men  😉
  • Fenugreek is mainly used as digestive aid. It is ideal for treating sinus, lung congestion, reduces inflammation and fights infection. source : wikipedia
  • Supplements of fenugreek seeds were shown to lower serum cholesterol, triglyceride, and low-density lipoprotein in human patients and experimental models of hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyecridemia (Basch et al., 2003).
  • It reduces blood sugar level.
  • Reduce menstrual discomfort
  • Minimize symptoms of menopause

Update : 2013 My last attempt of 1 month fenugreek without exercise has proved no change in cholesterol levels. But gooseberry juice has done wonders, reduced total cholesterol level from 270 to 230 without any exercise

Do we give more attention to those close by ?

Reading Influence – The Psychology of Persuassion and various other books, made me think about various influences. I just came across this phenomena while working as a cashier at my business premises. I tend to give more attention to those who are close by even if they were not the first to ask for a slip. And that inner knowledge is probably the reason why people never queue up in India. We know that we get more attention when we are at proximity with the listener. Physical proximity has more influence than loudness, I guess.

Is this thought silly, I don’t know, but most of what is written in big psychology books are all things we all know well…

Does money make you happy ?

Deep thought might definitely tell you otherwise. I’ve been browsing through the Happiness Project Blog for a long time.

I read Joel’s article about intrinsic and extrinsic happiness at I probably have a lot of intrinsic happiness in helping out to solve tech problems. With the recent cash crunch I do feel that more money doesn’t mean more happiness, but lack of money definitely brings down my spirits..

Train Timings from Quilandy / Quilandi (Indian Railway Code QLD)

I had to wait for quite some time for my train to Mangalore, thought to make the time worthwhile. Just jotted down the timings from the board on to my Treo using Documents To Go excel.Man.. I had to retype it all. Copy paste from excel does not work.

Train No. Route (Towards Mangalore) Train Name Days Time Notes
6334 Trivandrum- Happa   Tue 1:00  
6336 Nagarcoil – Gandhidam   Wed 1:00  
6338 Ernakulam-Okha   Thu,Sat 1:00  
6329 Trivandrum-Mangalore Malabar Express Daily 5:15  
619 Calicut-Kannur   Daily 7:08  
6347 Trivandrum-Mangalore   Daily 6:45  
2601 Chennai-Mangalore CHENNAI MAIL Daily 8:15 Super Fast-mail
6349 Trivandrum-Mangalore Parasuram Express Daily 16:15  
2617 Ernakulam-Nizamudin MNGLA LKSDP EXP Daily 17:45 Super Fast-mail
6607 Chennai(Egmore)-Mangalore   Daily 17:25  
611 Coimbatore-Kannur   Daily 19:00  
6307 Aleppy-Kannur Execuive Express Daily 21:50  
387 Coimbatore-Mangalore CBE MAQ FAST PASSENGER Daily 13:46  
6604 Trivandrum-Mangalore Maveli Express Daily 4:20  
615 Trichur-Kannur   Daily 10:17  
625 Calicut-Kannur   Daily 15:17  
Train No. Route (Towards Shornur) Train Name Days Time Notes
6308 Kannur-Aleppy Execuive Express Daily 16:10  
610 Kannur-Coimbatore   Daily 7:18  
2618 Nizamudin-Ernakulam MNGLA LKSDP EXP Daily 4:20 Super Fast-mail
6350 Mangalore-Trivandrum Parasuram Express Daily 8:02  
6608 Mangalore-Chennai(Egmore)   Daily 10:35  
2602 Mangalore-Chennai CHENNAI MAIL Daily 16:55 Super Fast-mail
6333 Happa-Trivandrum   Fri 17:15  
6335 Gandhidam – Nagarcoil   Sat 17:15  
6337 Okha-Ernakulam   Tue,Sun 17:15  
6348 Mangalore-Trivandrum   Daily 18:27  
622 Kannur-Calicut   Daily 19:52  
6330 Trivandrum-Mangalore   Daily 22:15  
388 Mangalore-Coimbatore   Daily 12:48  
6603 Mangalore -Trivandrum Maveli Express Daily 21:40  
616 Kannur- Shornur   Daily 16:23  
624 Mangalore-Calicut   Daily 10:27  

Please do point out the mistakes if there are any. I got to add the train names too ! I feel it would be great to have timings for all stations in this format. As its easily rendered on any mobile device and no javascript required.

Time taken to download for various Broadband Speeds

A recent business proposal required me to calculate the time taken to download huge files. Being a BSNL Dataone user, I was comparing it with various plans including the Home unlimited plan for Rs.900.

1 MB = 1024 KB = 1024 * 1024 bytes

= 1048576 bytes

= 1048576*8 = 8388608 bits

Bandwidth in K bps (Kilo Bits Per Second) Speed in Kilobytes per Second Time taken to download a 1MB(1024Kilobyte) file
under ideal conditions in seconds
256 K bps = 256 * 1024 bps = 262144 bps 256/8 = 32 KB/S 8388608/262144 = 32
384 48 21.33
512 64 16
1024 (1Mbps) 128 8
2048 (2Mbps) 256 4
4096 (4Mbps) 512 2
8192 (8Mbps) 1024 1

BSNL offers 256Kbps guaranteed speed with a maximum of 2Mbps. So you can theoretically download a 1Mb file in …well under 4 seconds. So that’s under ideal conditions. I have seen download progresses for my 256Kbps connections at the range of 200KB/s. A lot depends on the server’s bandwidth too.
So how much does a 1GB file take to download with a 1 Mbps connection ? From the above table, 8 seconds for 1MB = 8 *1024 for 1GB = 8192 seconds = 136.53 minutes = approximately 2 and a half hours..

Update as on 14-3-08
I’m getting a download speed of 312Kb/s on my home 500 plan which means the speeds are crossing the 2Mbps speeds.

My favourite Windows Explorer and Command Prompt Usage Tips

These are tips that you might already be using but definitely there would be one thing or the other that you would not have known. As far as I’m concerned most of these are tips that I use almost daily . That much for the usability. Most of this stuff will work from Windows 95 through Windows NT-4,Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows Millennium, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Explorer, Start Menu Run and Keyboard Shortcut Tips

  1. Press the Alt key  and look for the underlined characters( known as accelerators). You can activate menu’s or controls by pressing the accelerator key.In older versions of Windows it was not necessary to press the Alt Key for viewing the accelerator key underlines.
  2. When you create or check the properties of a shortcut, you find the Start in option.This can help in changing the default open dialog in most old windows applications.
  3. Start applications from Run.And there are 2 easy ways to reach Run
    i) Ctrl+Esc R
    ii) Win+R
    Common programs that I use through run
    cmd, calc, wordpad, mspaint, regedit, winword, excel, conf (Netmeeting)
    Tech Note:
    Its not case sensitive
    This works when an entry is added to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionApp Paths key of registry
    Checkout the above key to know what all applications are available through Run
  4. Type the following at the Run prompt to go to the corresponding Windows Special Folders
    Temp folder – %temp%
    User Profile Folder – %userprofile%
    Windows Folder     – %windir%

    Want to add more ? Just add an environment variable (Control panel – System – Advanced – Settings – New – Type whatever name you want for variable name and the type the full path in Variable Value and click OK.

  5. Start Control Panel applets and MMC applets by typing it in Run. Some of my favourites are listed below

    Device Manager devmgmt.msc
    Service Control Manager services.msc
    Event Viewer eventvwr.msc
    User Manger lusrmgr.msc
    Internet Properties inetcpl.cpl
    Disk management diskmgmt.msc
    Firewall firewall.cpl
    Add Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
    Bluetooth Configuration btcpl.cpl

    Want to find it all ? You can use WIN+F and search for *.cpl,*.msc in the windows folder.

  6. Optimise your system for best Performance by (Control panel – System – Advanced – Settings in Performance) setting the option for Best performance
  7. To delete files bypassing the Recycle Bin keep the shift key pressed during deletion process.
  8. Shift-Close will close all folders, under a folder path, ie suppose you have C:test, C:testdir1 and c:testdir1dir2 open as separate windows in explorer closing   c:testdir1dir2  will close all the open windows, including C:test, C:testdir1
  9. The most used explorer/windows app  keyboard shortcuts

    Cut Ctrl-X or Shift-Delete
    Copy Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Ins
    Paste Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert
    Undo Ctrl-Z
    Switch between open programs ALT+TAB
    close Active Windows Alt-F4
    Backspace Go to up one level
    Find F3 or Win-F
    Replace Ctrl-H
    Explorer Win-E
    Start menu Ctrl-Esc or Win
    System Properties Win+Break
    Copy Active Window to Clipboard Alt-Prt SC (might need fn key for some laptops)
    Copy Full Screen To Clipboard Prt SC (might need fn key for some laptops)


Windows key and context menu keys are your friend, Shift-F10 can be used instead of windows context men key and Ctrl-Esc can be used instead of windows key to activate Start Menu


Command Prompt

  1. cmd or command (for win9x or ME) from Run. Go to DOS prompt easily
  2. CMD here power toy helps to delete files faster. You can open a command prompt in a folder and give del. to delete all files or use a wild card like del *.tmp. The advantage of this method is that the deletion process does not stop with a file in use. this very handy for emptying the temp folder.
  3. At the Run prompt typing cmd /k followed by a DOS command will not close the command box even after the command  is executed. eg cmd /k ping
  4. ping -t at command  prompt continues pinging till ctrl-c is pressed. Helpful while tracing network problems.
  5. Find the IP address from computer name using the command nbtstat -A computername
  6. Enable auto complete at DOS prompt using TweakUI and get file name completion at DOS prompt.

I don’t quite remember the source but these Vista shortcut can be handy

Win 0 – Dos prompt

I wanted to write more but this has been sitting as a draft in Windows Live Writer for long..

Opera Mini on Treo Review

My idea was to write a complete review from my Treo, using Opera Mini. After writing couple of sentences or even more, I tried copying the content that I wrote to the clipboard using FieldPlus’ Shift- Enter keyboard shortcut. Oh! what a bad decision that was, everything went off and I was with a blank screen. Looks like since Opera Mini run’s on top off Java VM, it has problems with the standard Palm OS keys and perhaps it will have problems with any mobile OS.

I was using Treo’s Blazer browser for quite some time. That used to work for most of the sites, but failed miserably on Google adsense login.  It could be due to the time taken for the AJAX interface to load on my slow GPRS connection, I don’t know for sure. I had tried Opera Mini earlier and it was crashing, required too much RAM and was not all like my Opera on desktop. I was a bit apprehensive in trying out stuff, but I had time and installed IBM Java VM. The download is free from palmone’s site and is a prerequisite in running Opera. On installation on the VM (version J9 2.2.14 ARM 20070207_1505_IHsCmV), you can adjust the settings from the Preferences applet. Also a MIDlet manager appears among the list of applications. Next was the Opera Mini installation which went fine. No glitches what so ever. The Opera about ( taken from Menu -> Tools -> Help -> About ) show the version number as 4.0.9800 20071113(should be the build date). I’m a fan of having the build date on the version information, I usually do that and it can really tell the age of the software.


Features Overview

  • Fast, yes its really fast, the VM clumsiness is overcome by the proxy I guess. Opera does not render the site directly. It uses a proxy server cluster for doing the rendering and then transferring the data to a format supported by Opera Mini. On researching I’ve found that the rendering is done using an ultra compact binary language (OBML) that reduces the page size by 90% and the result is sent to the mobile phone.
  • Shortcut key support, could be very useful for mobile devices without QWERTY keyboard.
  • Speed dials feature is akin to the desktop opera. In Opera Mini you enter * followed by a digit from 0 to 9 to open the set speed dial web page.
  • Context menu is available on keeping the stylus pressed, with options for enabling and disabling mobile view, reloading and Information.
  • Fetch title and icon feature is a cute feature, that’s available for speed dials and Search links. It lets you retrieve the icon and page title and that’s reflected in the UI of the bookmarks of speed dial lists.
  • Opera defaults to yahoo search, but like its desktop counterpart you can add any search provider like Google. Management of the search providers is relatively easy.
  • Feed support is native within the browser, you don’t need any feed reader. BBC News,Sport, Guardian, Opera Community News and Opera Mini Blog are the default additions.You have the option to view by feed or view by time which sorts by Feed name and most recent feed entry respectively.
  • Opera Browser sync is touted to sync between opera desktop bookmarks but I have not tested it.
  • Its 100% FREE.
  • Know the transferred bytes for a session or total from the about screen. Looks like its not retained during a soft reset.

The default keyboard shortcuts for Opera Mini is given below

    #1 Enter Web Address
    #3 Goto top/bottom/text start
    #4 Start Page
    #5 History
    #6 Page Information
    #7 Add Bookmark
    #8 Settings
    #9 Search
    #0 Reload
    ## Forward
    *0 to *9 Speed dial
    *0 Feeds
    ** Change Window Size



  • Cannot use the OS default key functionality, limited by the JVM. Keys like the context menu key not working is really irritating.
  • When there’s an Internet connect request, it pops up the OS’s dial-up screen which states To complete the request you must connect to the Internet. Connect now ? This does not appear correctly, its visible only partly on the screen and would be confusing a new user.Even the service connection progress window goes outside the screen. Its probably another JVM  issue or due to the memory preference setting. Update: On increasing the JVM memory  and
  • Much stable than the previous version of Opera Mini, but still crashes,  with a soft reset being the only solution.
  • No password remembering options, well that’s not there even in Blazer
  • Feed management and Bookmark management UI lacks the option of deleting multiple entries at a time and I don’t know why it shows ‘connecting…’ to delete an entry.
  • Asking each time whether Opera Mini has to connect and use airtime is another minor irritant.

Blazer comparison

On the Treo 650, the default browser is Blazer. It was good enough but its far behind in comparison to Blazer. The UI of Blazer is more Palmy and can get the Palm user feel at home. Opera Mini 4 is really different.

Features missing in Opera Mini when compared to Blazer

  1. Cannot copy the web address to clipboard or paste it to address bar from clip board. You cannot send a link as SMS or email easily.
  2. No tool bar buttons, for a device with stylus, its much easier to click a button than to press a shortcut key. Screen estate is actually wasted for displaying time. Yes there’s one option ‘back’ in the status bar and there’s enough and more space to add buttons for basic stuff like refresh,homepage,bookmarks, next and signal strength .
  3. Blazer allows to connect via VPN but I couldn’t find a similar option in Opera.
  4. No option to view passwords while entering, it’s very much there in Blazer
  5. No address bar.
  6. No auto complete of previous site addresses.
  7. No way to disable cookies or JavaScript.
  8. Tap and drag – Blazer has an option to select between text selection and scrolling.
  9. Not that its needed with the proxy, but option to disable CSS is present in Blazer.
  10. Selection of a  custom proxy is  set from the IBM Java VM preferences. Not very intuitive.
  11. Option to clear Cookies and cache on exit is not present in Opera.
  12. No option to get back to previous page once you exit Opera Mini.


The proxy at is what makes Opera Mini fast. You can find whether the proxy address is the same from the the About screen of Opera Mini. Out of curiosity I set this as the proxy server for my Internet host and I got a message stating that its’ plugin content. So this proxy can’t be used for your normal browser on a slow connection. Another thi
ng that I tested was trying opera:config,opera:about. opera:help etc in the address bar. It resulted in an invalid address except for opera:about, which showed Version 10.00, Build 217, Platform Pike v 7.6 release 92 and long list of 3rd party copyrights and miscellaneous info. Its probably the server cluster version number and information.


Overall I like Opera Mini as much as Opera on my desktop I’ve started using it as my primary browser on my Treo and yes to to check my adsense revenue..
Even with its quirks with clipboard and without auto completion. The speed compensates for most of its limitations and then I believe Opera will definitely come out with a more feature complete product soon. I wanted to put some screen shots but couldn’t get PDA Reach working.

Tips on checking and fixing HP Laptop Remote Control

I have a HP dv6395 laptop (should be applicable to the whole HP dv6000 series)  and it comes with a remote. Once in a while it just stops working. The ultimate problem solving technique of resatrting windows doesn’t solve  this problem. Usually whenever there’s a problem with any IR remote, I use the digital camera technique to ensure that the IR light actually comes from the remote. In this case the RC was actually woking and I couldn’t find anything else wrong. The related services were working, but none of the functions were actually executed by the OS. Powering off and removing the power supply too didn’t work.

Finally I had this logical intuition, where I thought that since the remote can power on the laptop even if its powered off, unless I remove the battery the IR sesning circuit will not be reset. That worked, removing the battery and then inserting it back restored the IR functionality.