Another broadband connection and some new sites

Took another bsnl broadband connection. This time the modem came with a USB connection. It can act as a switch too. Too good an offer since I wanted both. There’s support for wireless too, but the pcmcia card that was supposed to be there was not in the carton.So now there’s 800 MB of download, all for free.

Yesterday went through the skype developer zone. It reminded me of the old VOIP thingie I used to do @ Telematics in Dubai. It was so exciting, but the major difference was the call quality.Found some interesting DIY projects including one for skype at Lots of nice projects.

Thanks to BSNL its possible to have 2 simultaneous logins and logging in different place with same username for broadband. Life’s good. I can use my friends’ night unlimited connection and download service packs in the morning till 8am. And now the good news is that there’s the unlimited plan for Rs900. It would turn out cheaper if my brother in law in UAE takes broadband and does skype.

Work on the IE datone logger and ip mailer is going on without much progress as I get carried away, like a kid with a new toy, being broadband.

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Back again

I am back home again after the trip to Ernakulam, Kotttayam. Actually the day after coming was just a day of updating accounts.
Took a break to Vegaland last Friday, was exciting. I am new to the world of amusement parks. But it was fun. Was a bit late on arrival, some rides are a waste or a mere repetition. Too bad that we didn’t have a camera. The neatness was worth mentioning. I also bought the book Practical Wisdom by Mr Kochouwseph Chittilapally the founder and man behind all this. I bought the Malayalam version as it was half the price and my mom could read it too.

Hope I could resume back to my old blogging style of keeping my diary daily.

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