My body and brain – POWERED by Ketones, not glucose

Another experiment, one month of no staple carbs(no rice,wheat, breads etc and of course no sugar in whatever forms) taking care of protein intake and uric acid levels, I got very good results, and plan to try for another 1 or 2 months. Good or bad, lab tests indicate I am in nutritional ketosis.

No it’s not a fad, but a curious case of experimentosis 😀. After the first trial in 2014, when ketosis and all these topics were not heard of or discussed much in India,I personally discovered, the following from 2014 and last month experiment.

  • Dietary fat including eggs(yes with yolk),red and all meat variants, fish, cheese, butter, oils, paneer and everything “fatty” reduces cholesterol significantly when had without carbs.(Last time it got reduced from 288 to 235, this time HDL increased by 10 points and total reduced only by 19 points)
  • Take care to ensure you drink lots of water to compensate for water loss and electrolyte loss and to track uric acid levels. In 2014, 3 months after I stopped the diet, I ended up with 5mm stone (probably uric acid) from kidney to bladder.
  • Apple cider vinegar and Indian gooseberry can reduce uric acid levels significantly even with a keto diet. I got it reduced from 9.2 to 7.5 in exact one month.
  • There is more energy feel for the brain in terms of less fatigue and better digestion but nothing extra ordinary.
  • There is weight reduction, I would have reduced at least 4 kilos(will update actual values once measured.)
  • Our body needs lots of water and better intake of potasium where salt variants with more potassium can help during ketosis.

Caution: This is not an advice from a doctor but from someone who prefers to test, verify and see evidence and conclude rather than believe in so called instructions when you understand things aren’t work ing. Your mileage might vary.