Another Hartal

I think, I’ll have to select another title, with all these hartals.  Yesterday (24/3/07) I celebrated the Hartal which was applicable only to Calicut District. Initiated by BJP, for going and getting beatings from the Police. The protest was against getting loans from ADB. Why don’t people find more creative and productive ways to protest ? After everything is over, the party claims that it was a success. Its a success for the growing laziness of the people who are in Kerala.

I was happy as I could complete a hardware cum software poject for my friend.

Trip for a funeral

Last week, to be precise, on 14th I had to go to Pala for a funeral. Had a journey break at Ernakulam and returned on Friday. It took lots of time but I had ebough time to think about my future website.

Met couple of interesting people too… I don’t want to elaborate, teher’s more time to do that on my new site..

Evaluating CMS

After long searches and researches, I have finally concluded that I need a CMS and CMS made simple seems to be the winner. Serendipity,joomla and many others were considered but CMS made simple seems to be the simplest.

Now I’m just thinking of the content build up hosting etc. It will be hosted on . Soon my old site would be just an archive.

“Kerala, not ideal for business”

“Kerala not ideal for running business”, says Joy Alukkas. It took so long for him to understand. With hartals,donations, party and bureaucracy threats, labour problems and what not.

It was just a day before that I told my Mom how stupid the tax structure was. I wish I could meet the Finance Minister Mr. Thomas Issac. I have 2 years and 10 months of  data that can prove running a coconut oil mill with the current taxation is impossible. Then how does it run, you might ask, its through tax evasion. If there’s one person who’s not eveding tax in the local sale only, coconut oil business, I might be surprised. The sales tax is one of the most stupid tax you can have that too 4% for coconut oil. The price of something that varied from Rs.80 per kg to the current Rs53 per kg, within the span of just 2 years and 10 months.

Actually I feel the tax rate should be something like 0.1%, for locally manufactured/ processed stuff to encourage local manufacturing. This tax should be collected in full force, without exceptions and exemptions, irrespective of the size of the firm.


I’m back with the same flow that I had, when I used to do all those geeky thingy in the past. Now its the new dataone usage finder called DataOneQUF for Quick Usage Finder, yet to be released to the public. The fact that its a piece of software that’s going to be used my many, many people is thrilling. I got to set up a site, and write a readme file and do the publishing. The utility is going to be 100% open source,100% free and 100% Delphi. Thanks to JEDIVCL and JCL, it was a piece of cake…

Things remaining in the Todo List

  • A proper aboutbox with links to relevant sites
  • Error reporting using madshi
  • Auto Updates, probably a link to product home page
  • Costing Information
  • Provision for updating every X hours
  • Innosetup for program insatllation

Now for the revenue model, I think I’ll have to use google adsense.

So easy to get BSNL dataone passwords/usernames

BSNL with its stupid scheme of having the first 3 letters of the username followed by 123. With my delphi skills and couple of hours I could harvest around 20 working passwords from just 4 or 5 google pages. Whose was the stupid idea I don’t know, but if u haven’t changed it yet, don’t delay any more. Most have not changed it as bsnl has configured ppoe on the modem and dialout is automatic. Most people have no clue on configuring the modem via telnet or browser.