Enter digital cinema

There was a digital Cinema demo at Calicut Davison, by Real Image of Madras. They have brought up the qube brand. The server runs XP embedded and apparantly they have a custom version of a projector from delta. Its made to survive the temperature and humidity of Indian conditions, but require AC. The cost should range from 7.5 to 10 lakhs and that does not include the server, which is FOC and property of Real Image. The picture quality was excellent and the maintanence is mainly replacement lamps which cost about 20k and lasts for only 1500 hours. The system is a closed one where the service technician will have to come and load the movie from a pocket harddisk. A 3hr movie might take around 80GB Uncompressed.

Looks like its a wait and see. With funding from Intel, Real Image might have the resources.

USB errors and ultravnc

Some strange USB problems,like the device getting detected and drivers successfully getting installed but device not working can be attributed to unshielded or poor cable. This problem was notice on my old laptop with usb 1.1. Power  could be one of the reasons and probably EMI or RFI.

To get Ultra VNC to work please enable the program in windows firewall for XP.

A day wasted with Compaq

A friend of mine, who’s a local computer dealer brought a laptop to me saying that he couldn’t install/get the drivers for it. The notebook had come with freedos and he had  loaded XP. The only CD that was there along with the notebook was the user guide cd. I checked on the net for the model and found that only a flas update for the BIOS was available. Called up HP compaq’s toll free  number and the call was getting cut within a minute. Later came to know that its the way HP screws people calling to their toll free number.  Finally got a URL to donload the drivers. All drivers except for modem and audio worked fine. The modem driver infact depended on the audio driver. Checked the net and found that the new drivers use Microsofts Universa Audio Architecture (UAA). I had to install prerequisite for getting the conexant audio driver of the laptop. Again called HP and they asked to download another 20mb file from gigabyte site. They asked to download from the slowest site that was in Asia, I downloaded the alternate link and tried as told, no luck. When I told customer support they told the download had to be from Asia. Stupid as usual. I waited all night and still got the same message  “Could not find MEDIA device for driver”. I finally had a chat with a hp support guy in US and he told to ship it to compaq, no news yet about what happened, but it was lots of time wasted with COMPAQ.