Another 2 days of forgetfullness and Task Scheduler Tip

I just forgot to blog for couple of days. Was working on old version of delphi trying to rebuild old stuff. Thinking about a new version of all products.

I just got this idea of remembering to run programs with task scheduler. I always used task scheduler and I was responsible for writing a demo app for JEDI task scheduler api conversion project. But I didn’t know that you can drag and drop files to be scheduled.

Poster sticking

Went for poster sticking yesterday. It was a first time experience. Decided to go for it since The situation was such that we couldn’t find any of our posters in town. It was fun, most people were cooperative, only one guy was angry. Many generalized it with porn posters, Varsha’s and dad’s reputation helped in some places. The rep was also friendly. Over all it took around 4 hrs and many kilometre’s drive. The final decision was to make hoardings and place it over buildings. Hope it works out.

Armed Forces Day Donation

I don’t know what this stamp signifies, only thing that I know is that Rs.50 was collected in its name. The collection was made when went to pay the daily panchayat tax. These are some minor collections by the government. A google search led to kerala govt. site at .Hope this money does serve its intended purpose.

My first post.

My name is Sunish Issac and I’m currently at Perambra, Calicut, Kerala. I was forced to take over and run our family business after my father’s demise on May 25,2004. Life’s different after that, from software and electronics to the world of copra and movies. From India to UAE and back. Diffrent life styles, different life, different thinkings. From management books to practical management. Life’s never ending…